An ever-retreating journey

Into the caves of my imagination

I am pretentious

And cold

Withdrawn from the modern world


The jeans

You once adored

And held your body as though it were a trophy

Now retreat into your closet

Gathering dust

As does our friendship


Do you know no limits?

Do you not see the pain this world has brought you?

You are shattered,

Ashes in the wind

And you can't even collect yourself enough

To see the hurricane that has torn through your city


This magnificent kingdom

Is no match for nature

As you

Are no match for life

Eventually this world shall catch up with you

And ring your neck like a turkey before Thanksgiving


Nobody understands, 

As I am just a weakling

A coward

Hidden beneath the towers of this lifetime

Nothing will ever make sense

The way it did with you, old friend


I wish I could forgive you,

I wish I could forget

But I am not so easily tolerant

Of  this bullshit that has stormed upon me

And rendered me a desperate fool

To it's hellish waves of waste


No, the world wants us to be tolerant

But I'd rather be left out in a hailstorm,

Or left to burn in the fiery pits of hell,

Than conform to this world

And this bullshit society

For who are they to tell me how to live my life?


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