One Deep Life, One Deep Poem


I always wanted things that my parents couldn’t afford

Never realize that my parents were poor

I remember wanting a GameBoy since I was four

Thanks to my parents, they bought me it and I felt adored

With all the money they had, they spent things that I wanted

Grew up and saw that my parents were haunted

With bills and taxes that they have to pay off

I loved many things but it was enough

I’m a senior now with both parents working

Having to pay for college is lurking

But I’m not sure if I will be going to college

My parents still have to take care of my siblings so I’m left with my knowledge

I hope to make it to a college of my choice

But I have to start now with the use of my voice

I grew up once again, almost to eighteen

My parents now doubt me

I’m scared because my parents might kick me out when I’m that age

So I’m left with all my thoughts to finish this page

I feel neglected in my family

Only boy, all girls sadly

They tell me I have a “bad” attitude

I changed and changed every day but they still say that I’m still rude

I hope they know deep down inside I love them

But I guess the outside of me; they say “I don’t like him”

I’m now left with a goodbye

And hope for a reply



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