Ode to books

Ode to books


When life gets to be too much,

and I can no longer see through the smoke clouding my mind,

I take a leap back and am captured by a lily pad of creation

floating on a pond of prosperity and imagination.


You sit on the cliff that displays you for all to see

and wait for me to finally escape reality.

When my mind can't handle the weight of life

I turn to you for comfort from its strife.


I grab onto you for fear of drowning,

using you as my raft, keeping my head from going under.

I am but a spec in the immaculate sea of words.

I sit on the surface of pure comfort like a duck relaxing and carefree.


When rain pours from clouded eyes

you sit there with open arms

giving me soothing thoughts and

taking me away to another life.


From rainy forests to Utopian lands,

From rocky rivers to vast expanses of deserts,

From brilliant castles to undiscovered seas

you bring dimension to this dimensionless world


Your pages creased with countless eyes

and your spine traced by many hands.

Passing on your wisdom to those in need.

Giving us food for us to feed.





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