Unnecessary Labels


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I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait...
I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain.
Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say.
Because I am a king, ayee.
But I was just born with that description spiritually and natural-lay.

See, I have a topic that I want to get off my chest and that is, labels.
Labels are the pieces of paper people put on the back of your back . Because out of the blue sky they think they can describe you with every detail or fact. Even though they are my peers.
Nerd, dumb, fat, gay.
I'm sorry but you didn't know me through those 17 years.
But one label you forgot to mention was powerful.
See I'm around 6'2 so I might as well obtain some authority.
To be honest i actually See myself as above everyone.
......Wait let me finish....
I see myself above everyone else,
just expressing my trait of confidence.
I See myself similar to God.
...Well 20% less... And if you carry the 1, and subtract...
Well never mind I'm not that close.
But its good to believe that your a somebody, right?
Well I see myself as that somebody that can help everybody.
Through my poetry and everyone would say wow that was lovely.
See I'm just a lovable person because I always know that, I love me!...
So I will peel that label off like the venom off of spider man, because you will not control me... Like a bandage off a wound, because I am now healed.... A wig off a scalp, because I now realize that I am beautiful. A label can simply tie you down and you'll no longer be free.

But the only label that I recognize is that "I'm Me!"

The labels are like stickers on my mouth that won't allow me to shout.
That keep me in this box with no way out....
I could stay here and sit and pout.
But that's not the true me, its not what i'm about.
I'm confident, hilarious, and brave with out a doubt.
I'm also a rebel so if I hear something I don't like ima think about it with my mind
and say it with my mouth
I'm a king, royalty I see myself as powerful.
And if your using labels to describe me, they won't be that reliable.
Because no thing or any word can describe me.
The only thing that can is my legal birth name "Jonathan Blake Arrington".
You asked me to write a poem about me and what is preventing me from being YOU (me).
But the only thing that's preventing me are the people that decide "that's you" and "who's who".
But as a person your the only one that can choose the label that says "who's you".

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