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Read, read, read

I do nothing but read.

When I read, I feel like I can breath.

I am at the top of the empire,

This empire will never fall.

Falling means collapsing

But I stand tall.


I have gone places. 

Places you only dream of being. 

I was once a Queen, I was 

Twice a poor little princess.


Have you gone to war? 

I must answer that with pride.

I have gone to war, I know how it feels

I am not proud of taking credit

but I have fought agaisnt Iraq,

I have fought agaisnt the Queen's army

and also I have fought against wolfs.


I do nothing but read.

Read, read, read.

Read a little more.

Travel to another city, another country

or another mythical place. 

If you want to try

come and read another book.

It may take you a day or two 

but the book

will take you places

you could only dream of

and that, my friend, is why

I read, read and read

and do nothing but read

because when I read 


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