No Knows


305 Cardinal Dr
United States
36° 14' 28.7808" N, 91° 45' 37.9656" W

She sits there empty for days
wondering if the pages to book would magically change
flower petals stumble to the floor as if they were drunk and forgot how to walk
her eyes are heavier then they were the day before
her thoughts are rambling in her head
she tries and looks but can't find a solution
looking for another way out she finds no substitution
its the evaluation of all her problems
spill out of a cup that's way to heavy to be even lifted up
she chokes back the tears because all everyone ever do is tell her shut up
she lifts up the gun
Screams of yea and no running though her mind as if it were a race seeing who can get to the finish line
mothers down stairs. The father is a work. Little sister is sleeping in her room away for. All the hurt.
she hesitates just for a little starts to laugh but she knows its not a joke . Write a note for all her family to see theses were her last finally words . All it said was" I'm so sorry but you have to understand I'm just so tired of being me"


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