The Innocence of Love


If God granted me one wish

I know what It would be.

To return the Innocence

That the adulthood stole from me.

As I gaze back upon my life 

And I look at my wife

As I recall my youth

When I said that loving her is the only truth

I remember when my feelings were so deep 

causing me not to sleep 

I was home, but I couldn't stay 

I dreamt of her every single day

I knew her years ago

When I was- I don't know

I liked her from the start

When she melt my icy heart

She was mine and we were sweethearts

And that was then, but then it's true

She got me In a trance

And my head all caught up In that love Romance 

But now I figured out that all of that Innocence was a baby ass

And that's a thing I learned from Mr. Lon's class


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