In That Moment

In that moment, the warm breeze floated across my face.

The tears were trying not to come. 

Your eyes gleam of realization when my words flowed out.

The stars shown as we were close. 

Another night hoping we could change our fate.


Timing is what you said,

When I asked why.

In that moment, I was hoping timing was right. 

I was hoping that you'd pull me in,

Hug me,

In that moment you'd tell me you were wrong,

That I was the right one,

But you didn't.

"I'm sorry." Was all you gave me. 

"It's okay," But it wasn't.

Because I loved you.

And in that moment I loved you more than before.


It was just you and me,

Talking about everything, personally.

I wished you just understood.

I wished you would see,

Just in that moment.

Things don't change.

You never have, you never will.


I thought about that night today.

And how you are still looking for something that won't happen.

And I'm crazy,

And I'm sorry for wasting your time.

I forgive you for wasting mine.

And in that moment, everything we never had was done. 


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