Who needs this?


Enough with radical equations and notations

And teach us about the struggles of life

Teach us about business plans and their relations

And educate us on how to survive the night


Teach us how to become managers not employees

Make sure that we won’t end up on the streets

To become financially stable is what we want guaranteed

Not cooking fries and various meats


Teach us how to write business letters

And prepare ourselves to live without our parents

Focus on our weaknesses and make them better

Help us become known instead of transparent


Help us learn how to apply for colleges and careers

Instead of meaningless math only mathematicians need

Help us reach our goals and overcome our fears

All those key points we need to succeed


If we had more teachers teaching needed subjects

Do you think we would have less drops

More approves and less rejects

Being on top instead of stopped by cops


What if that kid in the back of class

Actually knows what he wants to do in life

Irrelevant information he can’t pass

Being stabbed by the educational knife

All I ask is for a meaningful change for the future

Instead of 8 hours of non-sense and torture.

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