Nightmares in my daydreams


Nightmares in my daydreams,Everyday the same scene

reruns in my head, turn the channel and they dead

go around the corner, theres boys runnin from the feds

claimed they popped the molly and they some dope heads

What good thats gone do when you on yo deathbed

what good thats gone to when you see the color red

maybe you shoulda listened to what mommy and daddy said

now look at all the tears mommy and daddy gotta shed

do you think thats whats they wanted for they little baby girl

dont you think they wouldve wanted you to play with diamonds and pearls

but you was shootin nerf guns like it was cool, POW POW

Now you got a real gun

look where u at know

Mama's baby girl is a little baby thug

shootin other thugs, trying other drugs

going through the streets, tryna play the game but life aint got no cheats

and your a little game boy, do you really think these thuggish games will fill your heart with joy

But what if one day your home boys and home girls aren't there?

Because one day they wont be,they'll disappear day in my nightmares the baby thug got jumped...

But where was your little friends when you was getting stomped?

The nightmares in my daydreams became so real

didnt know what to think, didnt know how to deal

the little baby thug couldnt see what I see

She didnt see that if she wanted to, it was a way she could be completely free

she couldnt see it because she lived in the past, literally 

I'm glad I turned and chose the good life...cause the thug life wasnt for me


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