Madness Will you have Tea with me?

Nothing stems from thin air,

everything as an orgin,

has the core reason of why we

feel the way we do,

clowns dance by my bed in the middle of the night,

neon butterflies pass through my window

by a beach shore,

sea shells whisper little secrets into my ears

as you pass by,

to numb to feel right now,

I can't help but push away all the toying

ideas of life and reality,

medication or not,

maybe hand prints of joy up for display

can be a reason why we all live and not leave,

maybe tonight is the night that all the suicides and all

the angished people can come out to play,

can come out and dance in the middle of the streets

with fireflies bursting into flames,

bursting into the sunlight inside us,

no one is full of nothingness,

no one is full of a black hole,


we all have blood pumping in us to keep

us alive,

to keep us from dying,

what demanding job to keep someone alive,

but it is very lovely to save a life


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