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In the small town of Oradour-sur-Glane, France, When the Nazis wore the pants, A Schutzstaffel soldier lurks down the streets.
Once upon a time, I was framed for a crime.  For doing a good deed to fill the spoiled, red-head's need.   I simply granted her wish and she lost the tail of a fish
Far away, in a far off land I contemplate the complicated matter at hand As I sit, alone in a tower In the end, having been stripped of my power No power of evil, no power of good
“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.” Mirrors for princes,
If I tell you the truth, Dorothy never found the yellow brick road. Instead she found something blue and lost and long, an ocean that stretches out endlessly.
It was the tale as old as time That put Belle into a bind For the curse had no reverse And love's long embrace Was actually quite terse As soon as their lips parted The transformation started
Ever since you and I met at the table You’ve listened to my complaints and encouraged me to be able To fight for what I believe in and have confidence in myself. I've decided to leave the dull cabinet life behind,
Once upon a time I dropped a slipper Why did I do that Are my feet the size of a rat? Oh wow she is so wise Giving me a full makeover
“Ariel!” Prince Eric shouts to his fair maiden after Ursula kidnaps her back to the sea. Eric jumps in the water with the appearance of aiding. Battle after battle, breath after breath.
Little girl, little girl with eyes so blue Where do you go with empty baskets beside you? “Worry not, as you see, I am on a mission.
Tick tock the clock struck twelve It was Him and I Alone Him and I against the world   Ever since that magical night I lost my slipper
I suppose the Disney writers re-invented me as a mermaid in order to be more appealing to children The harsh reality of how such a wonderful world could be sad, isn't exactly a children’s story
Once upon a time there lived a princess a princess in a tower, She resided there in the snow, in the sun and even during a springtime shower. Men climbed to her from far and wide,
His view is differentThe king he will soon beFind his loverYou will seeGender doesn't matterLove gathersHere he is eyes sparkling The moon illuminated There goes the ethereal tuneBoth kings to be soon 
Love brings joy and happiness, love can also control all. In order to protect her, lies turn to reality. Although I am handsome prince, and she the true ugly beast. But for the sake of true love,
...time. In a land far away There lived a princess, stuck in a cage The princess young, with long golden hair Trapped in her tower, locked safely away   Then one day a young fellow wondered near
Soft lips, Soft hair. Gentle eyes, Gentle stare. The tug of his smiles, which I saw only few; The drips down my face now common as morning dew. I long for one's fingertips to brush my own,
Once upon a time, There was a mermaid swimming at the bottom of the sea. The water was her lifeline and yet, She only wished for one thing; To see the surface.
  Mirror Mirror on the wall, Tell me: Is there anyone who hears me at all?   I disguise myself as a merchant, a peddler,
I dreamed about joining the divine dryland mermaids. Little did I know that they were not as perfect as they seemed to be. What do you call it? War? Money? Power? It's tearing your world apart!
The young ugly duckling, as the story would go, was cackled at- cracked at- hissed at- by his siblings so.   As time began to pass, his looks grew ever worse,
They can lock me away Bind me with chains  Hide me from the light and say That I do not know what I am meant to be  But they cannot stop a girl  Who has seen beyond the castle walls  And knows
A maiden fair under Great spell of slumber All but forsaken in high castle yonder So shrowded in thorns in every maner of size Truly would make the demise Of any man, be he young or old
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
My mission was to avoid my mother's thrashing and my father's lashing. Home never felt safe for me, not the way I'm being treated. Add in my sister's taunting, And my brother's haunting.
As I lay in bed, and try to fall asleep I stare at the ceiling, and count sheep Those sheep turn to pigs And those pigs have figs   Now why would a pig carry a fig And dance a little jig
Once upon a time there was a mermaid princess She hailed from the depths of the sea Where her infatuation with human things was more of an obsession is my guess
I stretch out my arms to catch a sprawling nothing. Down I spin, up, around, and over Until I land, feet flat, before a glittering mansion
The clock strikes midnight and The golden girl that I've fallen for Turns away "I must go," she says and dashes down the steps before I can say a word "Wait!" I wish to say, but am too late
Black hair,Short black hair.I tried to sing with the birds but you kept me in my cage.Tormented, was this a metaphor as a child?A harrowing reminder of what is yet to come?Foolish, now you see don't you?The controller.It twisted its roles.A childh
I once wasn't so Evil you see. I once wanted to be happy and free but it was too late for me,for you see. No one could love an Evil Witch like me.   They threw rocks and spit at my feet.
A tale that's been told, too many times, Of a red riding hood girl and a wolf and his crimes. what's wrong with this tale, is that it has never been whole, you'll soon come to find out as my story unfolds.
Trapt away for a long time in the castle tower A dragon keeping the place locked up tight every hour Dressed head-to-toe in the finest clothes Waiting for the hero's pose
Trapt away for a long time in the castle tower A dragon keeping the place locked up tight every hour Dressed head-to-toe in the finest clothes Waiting for the hero's pose
Once upon a time, there was a princess named Talia who was cursed to a long sleep from a splinter of flax She fell in love with the neighboring kingdom's prince,
the girl in blue   We have never understood why She was superior to us For mother said, she was wise.  
magic beans magic beans drip drop from a young boy’s hands like water trickling from the leaky faucet sky the beanstalk crawls tall towards the ceiling of the world
Beauty and the Beast, which one will I see? Beauty and the Beast, both inside of me? beauty’s Beauty’s all alone, he jokes and laughs so no one knows, Beast that hides behind the phone, upset and sad but never shows.
Once Upon a Time, my brother was my best friend. Then, one day the friendship came to an end. Only one of us could be ruler of the kingdom. I though I saw my chance to freedom- "Ursula Queen of the Sea".
Pinocchio realized one day  That he didn't want to be a real boy  The hardships of life made him see That he'd rather live life as a toy   He wished and he wished to that North Star
Once upon a time, A young girl lived in slime. Well, Not real slime, per se Just a stepmother who treated her like clay  
Once upon a time there was a cat in a house  Who was always portrayed to catch the mice and the mouse.   But what if this cat was portraying an act and fooled everyone around him. 
There once was a girl who lived in the sea. She lived with six sisters and dad, And though she was not sad, She also did not find herself to be happy.  
Once upon a time, In a land with rolling hills of green, There lived a young princess, A beautiful maiden of fifteen.  At birth a curse was cast, That if needle joined fair hand, Aurora would undergo sleep, Eternal with the land.  One summer day a
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
she was wearing her favorite dress that day, the one with all the colors. it shimmered and danced in the light as she twirled with glee. fresh flowers framed her lovely face,
What if the shoe doesn't fit  Because that's always a possibility My foot could be sollen from all of today's chores 
Father's gone Knock Knock I can't answer without Father. Knock Knock Please leave Silence A Rose A Vase A Note Knock Knock No! I'm too ugly Knock Knock No! He's inside. I'll hide. 8 petals remain Knock Knock Who's she?
Once upon an everlasting snow, I gaze out from a tower of cold. Warm on the outside my heart remains frozen,  Hearts line up from the dozen. Her smile I cannot bear because I must tear
At night, alone in darkness deep The millers daughter begins to weep  Make what appears worthless, priceless  Turn the bare threads of straw into glittering gold  
Once it was a winter dreary Light was weak, my bones were weary Thirteen summers passed and counting I heard the clatter of hooves amounting Thinking it only the witch I barely gave a huff and a twitch
Congratulations You’ve made it this far so far And I know you’ve made a lot Of mistakes But I still find reasons To love you because I know you try You have always been there For me
A bird left alone  shamed for his feathers for his eyes for his beak. Their gaze shaped him, it was Their gaze that shaped his own.  Wishing to  hide wanting to 
(It was very popular throughout history to use stepmothers as an antagonist and never as a helpful character for many stories, which I feel gives stepmothers’ a bad rap.
Background: This poem is from the perspective of Prince Charming (Cinderella), the night Cinderella ran away from his royal ball at midnight.
Once upon a time our story starts,Once upon a time my life falls apart.So now it's my side that you shall see.Because,when was it ever about me!The story starts with a girl who lied,Yet it is her that everyone sides.We made a deal, that you all kn
The seemingly beautiful girl, The one who lowers my self esteem. What would you do? Why would you be nice to someone ruining you? After seeing her, Rage grows. Wouldn't everyone love her?
In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters. Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter.  One more tournament, one more fight. One last round and they'll be done for life.  
Once upon a time A frog leaped out of the water Only to see a girl full of slime And the frog kissed her as if she was a daughter The girl ran listening to some grime
20 mattresses,20 down beds,1 pea,And a princess (me).   A pea is nothing.But when you are sinking into feathersand are pressed to the ceiling-That is when your sleep is uncomfortable feeling.
The beauty holds the rose in beauty. Lush petals bloom and glimmer in her fleshly palms, and the dew drips, drips, drips to the stone floor
Winter wind blows Winter snow falls Little Red Riding Hood happily scurries home She drinks her hot chocolate And runs off to bed When suddenly— “Knock knock little girl”—
Once upon a time, there was a mirror. It can speak and see clearer into any soul.A presence made itself nearer and closer to the mirror. The presence finally made itself clearer, she was known as the evil queen.The mirror looked deep inside her so
You know the ending of every fairy tale, You learn that the hero gets the princess, You ignore the characters that get sacrificed, The wolf stands alone in the forest, His flowers as his company,
In fair Astoria lived two star-crossed lovers that were meant to be, Only to be torn apart by fate, Peter, the son of a merchant And Anne, the daughter of a wealthy horseman,
In fair Astoria lived two star-crossed lovers that were meant to be, Only to be torn apart by fate, Peter, the son of a merchant And Anne, the daughter of a wealthy horseman,
In this particular fairytale, There is no poisoned apple or bread trail. Instead, there is a girl and a glass slipper. No Grimm details, no sign of Jack the Ripper.   Our story begins with Cinderella,
All the sotries end the same, So sappy happy and lame. Repeated characters are tame, The hero gets all the fame.   Who needs a false tale When reality will make them fail.
Once upon a time, I’ve could’ve been a beast If I judged one from the inside That’ll make history Then the witch came and slayed And it seemed just like a dream I told her, how dare, no not for me
Once upon a time Post happily-ever-after Two maidens, one old and one fair, met in a forest A prison all their own   The old one tells of her woes
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