Rambling thoughts of a distraught Cinderella

What if the shoe doesn't fit 

Because that's always a possibility

My foot could be sollen from all of today's chores 

My feet could be sollen from when I stomped it earlier 

My feet could have grown 


What if they have? 

Will my prince still recognizes me 

But decides to trust the permanent shoe over ever changing feet.

 if the shoe doesn't fit and he looks me in eye and tells me I'm not the one 

Than he takes a girl whose feet do fit 

what then


What if she loves him to the end of her days 

She gives him her all 

She give him a child 

Maybe a son maybe a daughter? 

and lives the life I should be having 


What if the shoe doesn't even matter 

If he looks me in the eyes and recognizes me

When I open my mouth to greet him and my voice sparks the same flames we felt those long nights 

Then he throws out the shoe and takes me to be his

He takes me and we live happily together till the end 


What if I need to be brave 

Take a breath 

And try on this shoe to find out 


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