Cinderella Revisited

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 21:14 -- zkamara

In this particular fairytale,

There is no poisoned apple or bread trail.

Instead, there is a girl and a glass slipper.

No Grimm details, no sign of Jack the Ripper.


Our story begins with Cinderella,

A girl who didn't need a fella.

She was ruled by the coldest of hands.

Her stepmother and stepsisters never gave her a chance.

They were cruel and they gave her every chore in the book.

They never spared a kind word or a second look. 


She befriended animals rather than people

For her stepfamily never saw her as equal.

She found comfort in the birds and mice.

Their presence made her feel quite nice.


One day, the royal family invited all of the townspeople to an elegant ball.

But her family members gave her chores, ruined her dress, and wouldn’t let her go at all.

Cinderella found a savior in her very own fairy godmother.

With the wave of a wand, Cinderella was off to the ball to dance with another.


When she arrived, she happened to steal the heart of a prince.

They danced in the way lovers haven’t since.

She felt everyone’s eyes on her…the curious eyes of high society.

Cinderella rushed out of the castle; the poor girl had social anxiety.


In her hurry, she left behind her glass slipper

And the prince searched far and wide to simply deliver.

He found Cinderella…talking to a bird and a mouse.

He changed his mind about proposing and ran out of the house.


So here, this story ends…with a marvelous twist.

There’s no whimsical ending to be missed.

Cinderella had one magical night…

But she just wasn’t cut out for the limelight.





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