The Story Of The Girl Who Lived In The Sea

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There once was a girl who lived in the sea.

She lived with six sisters and dad,

And though she was not sad,

She also did not find herself to be happy.


Ariel was the girl who lived in the sea.

She had never heard a sound

For the water was all her ears found.

If she could just go on land,

How happy her ears were sure to be.


She consulted a fish,

who consulted a witch,

Who then cooked up a perfect plan.

She’d ask Ariel for a wish.


When asked for her wish, Ariel replied with her hands.

She spelled out her words by writing them in the sands

“I wish…” She wrote. “I wish I were no longer a fish.”


With a flick of her wrist,

The spell was cast by the witch,

And Ariel found herself struggling to breathe.

Her tail split in two and suddenly feet were in view!

She was no longer a girl who could live in the sea.


So, Ariel swam to the surface, with a lighthearted air,

Ready to see the world of man,

Ready to walk on dry land,

But most of all,

ready to listen to all that the world of man had to hear.


Her new legs were unsteady,

But she was finally happy.

So she did not notice,

That when it came to her hearing,

Something seemed to be missing.


Ariel explored this new world,

And it’s uneven ground,

When the air dried her hair, it curled.

And you wouldn’t believe what else she found!


A man, as perfect as man could be.

He was a sailor with dark hair and tact,

And he liked to sing.

But when Ariel found out that this fact,

Happiness it did not bring.


She could not hear his words,

Nor could she tell him so,

Her ears did not work,

this she now knows.


But Eric did not mind,

And smiled at her still,

So Ariel stayed with mankind,

And learned to live without gills.


There once was a girl who did not live in the sea.

She lived with Eric and herself,

And was finally happy.

Though she could not hear

And couldn’t speak either,

Eric helped her learn to talk with her fingers.





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