Lucifer The Cat

Once upon a time there was a cat in a house 
Who was always portrayed to catch the mice and the mouse.  
But what if this cat was portraying an act and fooled everyone around him. 
With his owner being evil with plans of her own, to help one of her daughters marry and throne 
No one suspected what this cat really was doing, he was smart, he was clever, and he was pursuing. 
Ever notice how he pretty much despises everyone, even the daughters who’ve been there from the start? 
He doesn't despise his owner, and never will clearly. She literally treats him like a prince and spoils him dearly 
But he doesn't care for anyone really, no one but himself, no one sincerely. 
He chases these mice up and down the house, to sabotage one particular maid who he actually feels threatened about. 
He feels that she might ruin his plans, to get inside of the castle, and become more royal than he already is. 
That is his dream, and no one is stopping him 
He will do whatever it takes to make that dream possible. 
After all, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” which is why he doesn't care who else's heart is at stake. 
You would think he would be on his owners side of course, but they are just the key for what he really has in store. 
Now here's the part that no one knew, nor saw coming, or thought it through  
His plan was always to get close to the prince, to have him for himself, his royal commence. 
Once he made it in the castle his plan was to stay, to win the prince's heart, but to win for himself only. 
Who said the girls were the only ones who wanted Prince Charming, because according to Lucifer the cat, no girl wins. Sorry not sorry.


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