Go Away I'm Gay


United States

Once upon a time

I dropped a slipper

Why did I do that

Are my feet the size of a rat?

Oh wow she is so wise

Giving me a full makeover

Having people stare with their eyes


I can’t take all this attention

It’s giving me anxiety

Why did this fairy force me

to this dumb dance party?


I see...

I’m in a princess movie

Not the one who lives in sea

But the one with friends as rats, not bees...


Why am I here?

Did I not make this clear?


I want to eat junk food alone

with no one judging me

What is wrong with this society?

Can a girl be sloppy and gross?

Without being called fat

or a burnt toast?


I sit there as heard a knock on my door

Who is this, a charity for the poor?

Oh, it’s my prince, wanting to take me away…

Too bad I’m actually gay



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