The wolf of the woman in red.

A tale that's been told, too many times,

Of a red riding hood girl and a wolf and his crimes.

what's wrong with this tale, is that it has never been whole,

you'll soon come to find out as my story unfolds.

Who am i, you ask? A respectable wolf of my town,

or so i thought until that red hooded girl came around.


It started with my grandma who was senile and old,

She always wanted to hike no matter what she was told.

The trail is unpredictable, the distance is too far away,

But, with a huff and a puff she would still do it anyway.

My grandma is stubborn and everyone knows, 

so we continue our day and wait for her return from where ever she goes.


But, what came next was very suprising, 

a woman in red who was known for frequently lying.

She skipped down the road that my grandma would always take,

but the worst she ever did was lie so i felt nothing was at stake.

but the uneasiness i felt due to people never taking that trail,

except for grandma so i decided to tail.

to make sure everything was okay,

like i said before the trail is a dangerous way.


I see her skipping as careless as ever,

down the trail that was very damaged by weather.

The girl in red then bumped into somebody,

knocking them over with a smirky grin from being naughty.

I yelled over to her to ask what had happened, 

but she quickened her pace and began evily laughing.


I ran to the fallen person, already knowing who it was,

I checked her wellbeing and her mind was in a fuzz.

The crunch of some twigs was all that i heard, 

so i took her home and left without leaving a word.

I caught up to the red hooded girl and asked for her to say sorry,

she looked at me sternly then began to laugh horridly.

she said, "your elderly grandma is to blame",

she then skipped away, i knew then this life wasn't a game.


I went to her grandma's to talk about what took place,

to let her know that her grandchild laughed in our face.

She let me in and and gave me a seat,

as i went to sit down i slipped and popped my knee.

The grandma felt very sorry for me getting injured,

so she told me to rest in her bed and wanted me to stay for dinner.

I then see a red cloak open the door with a shout,

she seen me and knew what my visit was about.


The next thing i knew a huntsman was there,

He chased me out of the house and left me in a scare.

I ran all the way home my knee hurting the whole way,

But i had no choice i had to get away.


I woke up the next morning to angery people with a weapon,

the story went around and i was mistaken for a felon.

the girl told lies saying that i stalked her on her way home,

that I pretended to be her grandma to get her alone.

she said that i was evil and everyone believed her story,

they decided to get rid of me & claim all the glory.


I was chased out of town in complete dismay,

i can't beleive that it happened in that way.

when it comes to a story there is always two sides,

but when truth is covered their is nothing but lies.

I am but a humble wolf who was never given a choice,

to explained what happened in my own voice.


When it comes to facts, learn them very well,

Because that is what seperates history from fairy tales.


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