Little Girl With The Red Hood

Little girl, little girl with eyes so blue

Where do you go with empty baskets beside you?

“Worry not, as you see, I am on a mission.

She’s in the woods, with fever and flu, in a sad condition.”


Little girl, little girl with kind and caring heart

To whom to whom, day by day, do you swiftly dart?

“Worry not, it is only she who lives next to the old tree

Granny, my Granny is out there and she’s looking for me.”


Little girl, little girl with sureness and pride

Is that not the place in which the red eyed wolf resides?

“Worry not, for you see, there is no wolf ahead

A week ago a hunter came by and took the beast’s head.”


Little girl, little girl with an onward stare

A girl as sweet and strong as you is really quite rare.

“Worry not, this is because I am not afraid,

One thing I always keep with me is my trusty blade.”


Little girl, little girl with a happy, joyful song

I hear nothing in this house, perhaps your Granny is gone?

“Worry not, take a peek with your own eyes

My dear old Granny’s here indeed just look inside.”


Little girl, little girl with dress of dark red

Why does your Granny seem so limp in bed?

“Worry not, for you see, Granny is quite dead,

Didn’t you know that this is why my hood is red.”


Little girl, little girl with a glowing knife

Please oh please, say it isn’t so, did you take a life?

“Worry not, my dear friend with curious question

Not just one, you are next to learn a valuable lesson.”


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