Spinning Gold

Thu, 07/27/2017 - 16:14 -- cjb97

At night, alone in darkness deep

The millers daughter begins to weep 

Make what appears worthless, priceless 

Turn the bare threads of straw into glittering gold


The King's heart is filled with hunger strong

He has not allowed her very long

Given this time, transform it

Add to my kingdom a source of neverending wealth


Spinning, whirring, turning,

hour upon hour

Her life is turned on a spinning wheel

Stretching, refining, and redefining

But she cannot make it gold


In the darkness of the this place

Appears a strange, mysterious face

A nameless man with a stranger skill

The only knowledge that can save her life, her precioius life


One thing he asks- what will she give in exchange for her life?

A necklace

So he shows her

Spinning, turning,whirring

 hour upon hour

Straw is turned on a spinning wheel

Stetching, refining, and re-defining

Until the magic creates gold


In the morning, a room filled with golden light

The King discovers a treasure, he believes it is his right

Greed overtakes him once again

Now that his hands have touched this gold he must touch it again


One things he asks-what will she give in exchange for her life?

A Ring


And so he shows her

Spinning, turning, whirring

hour upoun hour

Streaching, refining, and re-defining

Her future is turned on a spinning wheel

In hopes it will somehow end up gold


The King's heart is filled with the pride of life

One more test, this poor daughter will be wife

 If she can satisy his hunger just once more

Of seeing his storehourse filled with shimmering, shining gold


And so the nameless man appears:

One thing he asks, one thing he requires- what will she give in exchange for her life?


" I have nothing left to give."

Slowly emerging a smile appears on his peppered face

Filled with knowledge, with power

" One thing I ask, if you love your life. Your firstborn child shall be mine."

The millers daughter pauses,

What choice had she?

What future awaited-one who was

valued only for what she could produce 

" Yes"

And so she watches him all night long

Spinning, whirring, turning

hour upon hour

Straw is spinned on a spinng wheel

Streching, refining, and re-defining

Until the magic creates gold


She who once was worthless in this Man's eyes

Is now his jewel, his crown, his prize

For she gave what he wanted

And now he finds that he wants her


The heart of the King filled with greed

Has stumbled upon a greater need

And so they lived together

Spinning, whirring, turning

hour upon hour

Their lives turn on a spinning wheel

Stretching, refining, and re-defining

Until magic creates gold


One beautiful day, a new life arrives

The King's life is changed as he looks in her eyes

For all the joy he had ever known

It all paled on that morning when he held his first child


The Stranger retunrns

One thing he requires- the life of their child.

" Your kingdom is wealthy beyond comparison. You have riches beyond belief.

All of which is due to me."

The Queen weeps, the King is struck

. Then he asks..

" What may I give in exchange for this child? I will lay it down, even up to my own life."

The Stranger laughs, " Can this be? You wretched King- I thought I'd never seen such greed!

The Heart of Stone melted?

If you will not give the child, you must give back all that has been give you and more.

The treasurestores of your kingdom, that have for so long held your heart

Will be mine."


" What is your name?' ask the King

Only a smile

"Do you accept?"

Holding the child in his arms, takes a breath

If he should lose all this world, what would he have left?

He smiled into the eyes of this child he loved

His heart once barren straw had been somehow spun into gold


Spinning, whirring, turning

hour upon hour

A soul is turned  on a spinning wheel

Until the magic makes it gold























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