A Wish Gone Wrong

Pinocchio realized one day 

That he didn't want to be a real boy 

The hardships of life made him see

That he'd rather live life as a toy


He wished and he wished to that North Star

But too late, for he was a grown man 

And then one day his father died

And life's pain he could no longer stand 


So Pinocchio gave up on wishing 

And that night he took his own life 

The dark unknown with his father 

Was better than living with this strife 


And the cricket, his conscience, tried to save him 

But he had gone away too

Died in an accident long ago 

Just like gum on somebody's shoe 


And that fairy, all these 10 years she had waited 

She was not really a good angel of hope 

No, she was a demonic dealer to people 

And she had finally collected these souls


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