Beauty Becoming the Beast?

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 17:51 -- FSBell

Once upon a time, I’ve could’ve been a beast

If I judged one from the inside

That’ll make history

Then the witch came and slayed

And it seemed just like a dream

I told her, how dare, no not for me

Forgoing all my chivalry

I shouted it is lies, it is fame

You’ve pointed at me,

I’ve took the blame

The world around me, chose the part

And I’ve played into this silly game.


Beauty and wits,

Yes, that’s me, I am it, I am it

But there is truly a grand one

That I know who really does fit

He is cocky, he is bare

Search his soul, here the bells

Gaston, Yes, Gaston

Would fit this beastly misfit

For the beast to be me

Will doom this world quite surly

O’ witch, O’ witch

I know the one Gaston, surely fits.


Now for the end,

Me and Belle

We became quite the friends


Sad, sad, sad

He won’t make it to the end.

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