Under the Sea There is Truly No Harmony

Once Upon a Time, my brother was my best friend.

Then, one day the friendship came to an end.

Only one of us could be ruler of the kingdom.

I though I saw my chance to freedom- "Ursula Queen of the Sea".

But, my brother already had his eyes on the prize.

The person who I once trusted was now the one I despised.

He saw his newfound fame as a joke.

If he kept up his ways, our town would be broke.

I took it upon myself to be the saving grace of the sea.


Needless to say, my brother wasn't pleased.

He promised if I pulled a stunt again he wouldn't just threaten me.

I didn't take his words too seriously.

Now, my home is on the outside looking in.

If only my brother wouldn't have been so greedy and just let me win.

He would still have his pretty red-headed daughter,

and I would still have my best friend.



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