My side of the story

Once upon a time our story starts,Once upon a time my life falls apart.So now it's my side that you shall see.Because,when was it ever about me!The story starts with a girl who lied,Yet it is her that everyone sides.We made a deal, that you all knowThough it is difficult to turn straw into gold.However, a deal is a deal and my part is done,Her first born was mine, or so I was told.Nine months pass and the day had comeThough she pleaded to keep her precious baby, and have the gold for free! What you don't know is I was fair, and not so mean,A game we played, all she had to do was guess for me.My name was all she had to sayThree tries to guess, it's not so hardShe even guessed it, once again I did my part.Yet it is I who they lock up!It is I who was wronged from the start!She owed me her next of kin.That won't be the last she hears of me, Rupelstiltskin  


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