Look Beyond the Story

You know the ending of every fairy tale,

You learn that the hero gets the princess,

You ignore the characters that get sacrificed,

The wolf stands alone in the forest,

His flowers as his company,

The trees whispered to each other,

Who would love his claws?

Who would not run away from his teeth?

Who would not flinch at his howling?

he is a villian after all,

The witch stands in solitude in her candy house,

Her frail hands would be baking the sweet temptations,

The flames in her oven would say,

Who would play with the old crone?

Who would not gag at her face?

Who would care for her weak frame?

she is a villian after all,

The two sisters waited in their lonely home,

Their youngest had run away with her prince,

The two would talk among themselves,

Who would smile at their faces?

Who would not insult their flaws?

Who would forgive their mistakes?

they are villians after all,

You decide that they were not good people,

You believe that they do not deserve a chance,

But you extinguished the hope they once had.




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