[once upon a time]

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 20:51 -- madrice

magic beans magic beans

drip drop from a young boy’s hands

like water trickling from the leaky faucet sky

the beanstalk crawls tall towards the ceiling of the world

soars past the atmosphere into the great unknown of space

stars surrounding the dense leafy green stem

light years away it seems to keep going and growing until

it attaches itself to an earth-like planet


my son is gone where is my son

jack come back come back jack


jack has befriended some alien seeming non-human being

in a place so vast and covered with rich resources

water oil crops all of which the greedy man would kill to get their hands on  

so they do

the alien planet is in danger and jack must save his new companions from destruction

he chops and chops and chops the great stalk down

it falls and falls and falls into the dark depths of a black hole land

cutting off the connection between human and extraterrestrial

jack builds himself a safe new home for him and his lovely mother


knock knock knock on their front door

ding dong hurry up open up


outside stands a stranger cloaked in starry shadows

my dears, could i interest you in some

magic beans magic beans?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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