A new Dinglehopper?

Once upon a time there was a mermaid princess

She hailed from the depths of the sea

Where her infatuation with human things was more of an obsession is my guess

She spent most of her time collecting spoons and latchkeys

She searched the ocean far and wide

With her crustacean and fishy friends

A glass object caught her eye, underneath kelp it lyed

She hoisted it up and examined its curves and bends

An animal of some sort

With 4 legs and a trunk

3 holes it had which all seemed to work in a cohort

It seemed to have spunk

Ariel stashed it away as curious as ever

She decided it was time for her lounging rock

She rose to the surface when she heard” Hey! Watch it Trevor.”

Three boys sat there and Ariel peered like a hawk

The boys had a glass object like the one she found

The one named Trevor exclaimed” Eric, if you lose another I swear”

Ariel watched as they put something in one of the holes it was green,small, and round

They then produced fire from out of thin air!

The startled Ariel just floated there

As the boys expelled smoke from their lips

The one named Eric jumped up “ Look a girl with red hair!”

Ariel’s eyes grew as wide as ships

“ Hey what are you doing in there, get out you’ll drown”

Ariel came closer and said “ No it’s okay I’m an excellent swimmer”

“ It’s alright you see why don’t we all just calm down”

The third boy finally spoke to say “ What’s for dinner”

Eric exclaimed “ Just wait there I’m coming to get you!”

Ariel swam swift to the rock and held up her hand

Eric misunderstood her and hauled her up to the rock, what the boys saw seemed untrue

There on the rock her beautiful purple tail glistened on land

The boys looked at the tail and down at the object

Down at her tail and back at the object

“ This shit is laced.” Trevor announced.

The third boy then threw the green stuff out.

Eric stared and his words seemed to flounce

Ariel sat there frozen in space, wondering why she came no doubt

Trevor and the third boy spooked for their lives jumped from rock to rock back to shore

Ariel continued to sit, while Eric kneeled before her

He went to touch her tail as Ariel swore

She hopped back into the water so fast she was a blur

She wanted to swim away, Eric watching on

Ariel came close and delivered the glass object she found

Before Eric knew it he had the object in his hand and she was gone

Ariel swam away wondering about the boy, just thinking what it would be like to live on the ground.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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