A Love Letter to Spoon

Ever since you and I met at the table

You’ve listened to my complaints and encouraged me to be able

To fight for what I believe in and have confidence in myself.

I've decided to leave the dull cabinet life behind,

since being used only for milk containment is such a grind.

Boverly wishes me luck and Meowlcolm will miss me,

But all will be for naught if you don’t kiss me.

Let’s run away during the party tonight;

My love for you even excites Boverly enough to take flight

And ask Lunero for a dance

(In the hopes of stirring up an authentic romance).

You help give me purpose and I give you a function

One without the other only leads to disjunction.

Though Concerto doesn't think we will last,

His criticism will be a thing of the past

When we find freedom outside this monotonous life!

In summary, will you please do me the honor of being the husband to your wife?


 Forever Yours,



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