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  A girl half alive half dead She never really was alive But I have always loved her Her soft and gentle hands that I adore in all who touch mine
My dear's a deer what a novel idear having a deer not a dear makes me a bit queer but what's really quite queer
People are who they are. Yes.  Really and truly full of life and love they do not Idol in their moments of Damage nor discomfort but instead in their determination to Exist entirely themselves
there was a man who fell in love with sun  and he would run and run  but one day the sun god went to see this man ”for why do thou seek my light” the man smiles and says
Pansexual and bisexual  they can be completely different yet are grouped the same  pansexual loves everyone regardless of sex and will always respect you  even when people think you are a mess
I came home to his empty room. You would think I were to have seen it coming, though I didn’t know about the storm that was looming and I wonder if he is still roaming, or is he as silent as the house now still.
Dear Mom,
Dear Sherice, I know that you cry, When you see the kids ride their bikes, But they tell you that you can’t join them.   I know that you want to die.
The tender gift of your gentle lips graced my chilled, red cheeks for the first time   The gift of your tenderness gives me reason
dear heart of mine, why can’t you decide who you do and do not like   why did it take you so long to realize
  Dear God,   I'm so sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you. Life has been so hectic, everything is changing and new. So you've probably heard by now,
To the boy on the bus, with the thick brown hoodie and the old running shoes and the wireframed glasses and the ripped jeans that started at the knees when you bought them but strecthed to your lower thigh.  
Can't keep a diary when there's no such thing as privacy It hurts Trapped in my body trapped in my head Who's keeping us together? Baby boy stops her from shattering
Mom, I’m gay I’ll talk to you later. I’m sorry (but not really), I’m in love with a girl. She is stunning, My heart is full.  
Life can be a war And it’s good to know that You have someone at your back   She’s a born fighter Tough, strong, stubborn, Too stubborn sometimes   We make it work
I love you because when I see you the world stops moving.  I love you becasue even after an entire year together you still make me blush.
You wonder why I didn't tell you sooner.   About such a big piece of myself. Even though I had to listen to you condemn those like me   for over a decade. Show me how to be honest with you amidst:
I let out a shaky breath as I gaze around at the whiteness of the hospital “This is for her” I remind myself   Feeling the tears form in my eyes
He looks into the mirror And sees a dying man. He looks upon a man of shame, Of torture and disdain. He sees a man that knew no joy Until Aladdin came. Every night he dreams of life
there was a princess who didn't get her perfect ending. the blanket shielding happy eyes is still casted by the faux story of a princess who didn't get her ending.
#1 Castle by the sea, Lush grass so green, Two Queens soon to be, One Princess so closed and mean, The other is beyond explanation kind, One has not been seen,
I have always felt the urge to squish sand between my toes.  Then again, I have always felt I should  have toes. Seeing her made this a  necessity.  Of course I couldn't
What a wonderful world don't you see Where I have all these restraints on me I am told with whom I can and cannot lye And how I am born is how I must die   Isn't it a wonderful country you see
“Amazing,” he breathes, eyes bright,
'A prince needs a princess'  he has been told all his life A woman, pretty women, go and be happy, prosper  with a woman pick a woman, a beautiful woman, make her your queen you can have any 
In a magical castle far, far away Lived a fair princess who waited each day To be saved from atop the very tall tower Which was guarded by a dragon for all the day’s hours.  
Once upon a time, in a far away land Surrounded by dust and dunes made of sand A little girl was born in a palace of white  The girl took on the name of a flower, and she was a beautiful sight   
Poem Slam Fairy Tale Remake: By Heidi Ortiz The Mermaid and the Princess (The Little Mermaid) Once upon a time, deep below the sea,There lived a girl who died for love.Who gave her body, milky like a hydrangea,To the indifferent man from the surfa
Melodica laughter, thrill in her eyes, innocence cloaking her features.   She enters and with her a parade, emotions of inconceivable valor, emotions too new to name.  
Seven years old watching tv Seeing the gorgeous girl on tv, Every man would want her But I want her Isn't this supposed to be wrong? Everyone in my family says it's wrong
Restless. Waiting for her prince. Her purpose. Adhering to expectations Carefully crafted by those before her. Desiring to find her place Within her tower. The jewels and gold are worthless
“One nation under God, Indivisible, With Justice, And Liberty for All” “One nation under god”? Try one nation divided. Rich and poor. When did we get so misguided?
Dear America the great, what is our fate? A land where we care more about the vape than the women getting raped.
JazmynShe makes me feel like no other, When she pulls me close and utters those words.Softly she whispers to me,
I've been an exception from the day I was born  coming out- one more being native American- one more  the head doesn't work without the pills- one more nobody told us that the declaration had a clause 
Just because I am gayDon’t think I like you, I like hot guysDon’t think I can’t judge women, I am not blindDon’t think I am weak, I am stronger than youJust because I am gayIt doesn’t mean I am not supported, I receive even more support than youIt
Reguarding our humanity,people with no knowledge about meas a person,as a student,as a member of our communitiesdebate about my rightsas if I am undeserving of them
Dysphoria is like a black dog following me around, A bully or an animal waiting to knock me down, Looking into the mirror I see a man, But everyone else sees a woman from my chest, voice, and dainty little hands.
Tiny dancers trickle down Thin, lean, muscular vaulting Under bony arms that tremble. Sidelines, I sit, and watch them under glass of stained sweat. They try to kiss, Hug, even,
ACT I The thing that shaped my year?   Well…it was not a what,   or a when, or a where,   or even a why…   It was a who.   But who…was this who?
My fear fastened me to the closet floor. Serpents snapping at my skin, concealing the secret within. An explosion of emotion, an erosion of empathy.
Fire rainbow hair And hues of blue in your eyes, Tears running down your skin And only love on your mind,   But revenge threatens
26 dead in 2016   My people are dying at the hands Of those who refuse to understand us   26 dead in 2016  
I wanted to cry, I couldn’t breathe Through my gritted teeth I seethed What was mine, wasn’t mine Nothing was fine Nothing was fine   Breasts? Hips? Soft pink lips? Lipstick stained coffee sips?
People always surprise me, you know?We tend to complain about them, but reallyThere isn't much that can change usto quite the magnitude as another person.
In the palms of some mad love Catharsis and a coma, symptoms of my soma From what foul slum did this sickness spread?   Not everyone's a part of the lucky some Eyes wide open, conscious, willing and brash
I remember at the start Everybody prayed Twenty sixteen please be better They said and said and said  I remember at the start
The first time I saw her I deduced from her briad and her emerald necklace and her strands of bronzy hair  - like willow leaves in the air - That she must be called Helena.  
every single human on this earth has a purpose. every person has a complex and complete thought process and emotional reservoir that is utilized on a daily basis. every person has a mother, father, some have sisters and brothers.
Knives thrust deep within the backs of others; Smiles that keep igorant minds at bay; Words that break barriers and bones alike; Deception and destruction and acts of strife.   In a world so empty of hope.
Dear mom, I am sorry for what I have put you through. For not being your ideal daughter. For not fulfilling what is asked of me As a white, American girl.
you're killing my people you're killing my people why? because you think we aren't equal. slaughtering masses with head held high not giving a damn as they scream and cry.
Red Blood of friends lost to hate Passion for what she can create From the hurt of being too late At least that wasn’t her fate  
I feel as if it would have been less harrowing if the slander was fervidly spat in my face. At least I would have known there was a possibility that the scarlet red veil,
poetry is like a tree - if you took all the metaphors and gave them to me i’d have them strung up on the clothesline by half a quarter to 3.  
When I was a little girl, I would pray. With my eyes wide open and my head tilted back in wonder, Struggling to soak up every ounce of happiness and sunshine I could
I didn't have much to say social media wise in response to the Orlando shooting.
Sad little boy how could you stay sad little boy you ran away from the life you left behind the lies you spoke the harm you'e caused the pain you've caused in knowing...  
Once upon a time, We were younger and we loved each other. You loved me freely, for the world to see, But I had fears so I loved you secretly. But you should know that I did. Know that even with the passing time
Simple fickle peaceful minded With fire and angst motivation for days That's what it takes most days Days without her loving touch.  So the ground's been leveled in the orientation arena
  “Let’s grab coffee tomorrow, I haven’t seen you in forever” A text sent from the girl I used to call my bestfriend “Sure sounds great”
I think I was about seven when I learned to word gay. We were driving up to my grandparents driveway
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