A Rose Without Thorns


Castle by the sea,

Lush grass so green,

Two Queens soon to be,

One Princess so closed and mean,

The other is beyond explanation kind,

One has not been seen,

For years and years,

Crying constant tears,

Everyone says love cures all,

One believed this was so,

The other believed her wall,

Was too high to break down.



It was her day to meet the Princess she would marry,

Princess Rose who wasn’t so merry,

It was said that she was dark as night,

The kind Princess wondered if because she was so light,

Everything would be alright,

For even though everyone said we are equal,

That was not so,

For the will of some was not everyone’s will,

An interracial couple would bring many woes,

Among those with ill will.


Her father prior to her departure yelled,

Who cares what they think!

True love cannot be paralleled,

He said we are on the brink,

Of equality for all,

This is just one step closer.



Trapped in my room,

Darkness swallowing me whole,

Loneliness taking its toll,

My heart and head screaming,

We are all doomed.


My guard pokes his head in,

Light illuminating my broken room,

The Princess is within,

Within what I question,

The Castle of course,

I’ve been in my black suit all day,

In anticipation,

Of meeting her face to face.


I take the first step,

A step that begins a journey of pain,

And maybe just maybe healing.




That is what the two noticed at first sight,

And believe me when I say it gave them both quite the fright,

The kind Princess floated to Princess Rose,

Shook her and with quite pose,

She said I am Princess Nicolette,

But call me Nicole for there is no reason for such formal etiquette,

Princess Rose who brought her friend darkness with her wisps out her name,



They are led to the garden by the father of Princess Rose,

And left alone,

Rose sits there as if time has frozen,

A question is thrown,

Why do you look as though your life has been taken from you?


It is a question of concern from someone

Who is filled with life,

But a life’s worth of stories from one,

Who breathes the tales of a man named death.



The girl of thorns shoots up from her seat,

I can hear her heart beat,

It is faster than war drums,

She looks at me with her black soulless eyes,

It always comes,

What comes?

Her eyes furrowed,

The goodbyes,

The ones you don’t want to ever make,

Where you burrow your head into their chest,

As they take,

Their final breath and you realized you haven’t been blessed.


I looked at her,

My blue eyes looking into her own,

Who is it that you refer?

She shakes her head and disappears,

Into her safety zone.



Why do I always do this?

I was so close to being free of this hold.

But every time I am out of here everything causes me to reminisce.

Mother, I miss you,

Taken away by the unknown,

Your time was nowhere near due,

Your throne,

Is so empty without your vibrancy blasting bright,

You were my light,

And by death, you were slowly blown out.



Screams woke the castle a month after Princess Nicolette’s arrival,

The two had formed a slight bond,

It had been a tale of emotional survival,

And that is the hardest fight to fight.


Nicole rushed to Rose’s room,

Pouring light in a room once devoid of it,

Rose’s eyes were wide from a visit by doom and gloom,

A candle was quickly lit,

The door was shut behind the Princess of light.


And just like that someone had entered the wall of thorns,

With gentle hands and a warm heart,

A princess who had been torn apart,

Was embraced by a woman,

Who reminded her so much of her mother.



I have heard people say that being kind,

Leaves you blind,

To people trying to take advantage of the virtue,

But have you,

Ever woken up next to someone who looks as though they are at peace?

Like death has ended their lease?


That is why I am the way I am,

So that person who believes the world has damned them,

Has someone who believes otherwise,

To me, everyone is a gem,

Just simply in disguise.


A rose is prickly,

Until you touch them in the right places,

It is the same with every person,

And love replaces,

The menace of hate,

Because it is never too late,

To save a life of someone who is need of saving,

Even if you barely know a thing about them.














Just a poem I wrote based on a book I'm writing hope y'all enjoy it!

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