26 Dead in 2016


United States

26 dead in 2016


My people are dying at the hands

Of those who refuse to understand us


26 dead in 2016


Trans men, and women, and nonbinarys

Mourn the loss of those who will never see

Another day

Or hear another sound

Or taste another breath of life


26 dead in 2016


This is not a poem to scorn or hate.

You should not hate your cis-ness*

But love those who are not

This poem is not for you


26 dead in 2016


It is for Nonny, and Brandi, and all of the others

From ages of 30 all the way to 16

Who are resting

It is for those who will not make it to 2018

It is for my brothers, sisters, and transgender siblings of all ages and colors and orientation


26 dead in 2016

26 missed

26 never forgotten

(Cisgender is someone who identifies as the same gender they were assigned to at birth)  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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