My Mask


“Let’s grab coffee tomorrow, I haven’t seen you in forever”

A text sent from the girl I used to call my bestfriend

“Sure sounds great”

I reply as tears begin to fall from my eyes


I prepare my mask as I go to meet her

She thinks that the mask is me

But it’s not


I think about the possibility of taking off the mask

Of showing her who I really am

Because I don’t like the mask

I don’t like the way it feels on my face

I don’t like the way that it looks

I don’t like anything about it


And recently I’ve been wearing the mask less and less

But only around the people I know are okay with what’s underneath

As we drink our coffee I keep my mask on

And make fake conversation to match my fake appearance


I think for a moment about taking off the mask

But as I picture her reaction to me

I keep it on

I realize that no matter how much I hate this mask

This mask is keeps me safe

I need my mask  

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