Poem Slam Fairy Tale Remake:The Mermaid and the Princess (The Little Mermaid)

Poem Slam Fairy Tale Remake: By Heidi Ortiz The Mermaid and the Princess (The Little Mermaid) Once upon a time, deep below the sea,There lived a girl who died for love.Who gave her body, milky like a hydrangea,To the indifferent man from the surface above. Well this is not that tale, agonizing and glum.This is the tale about a girl who fell in love,Tenderly as blood flow in a warm atrium,To the princess in the castle, marbled grandeur like a dove. They would meet at dawn every day,Just like the first time when they were young. Collecting sea shells and colorful algae,They held their tiny hands and sung..."Now and forever, we will always be together.For as long as the sun rises,It will light our darkest abysses. As the waves keep crashing,We'll continue dancing,To the melody of the ocean,And the warmth of the Caribbean."  Years passed and the girls continued to meet,Today they celebrated their friendship as an anniversary.But mergirl noticed the princess's sadness, not very discreet..."I've come to tell you that in 4 days count, I will marry." Mergirl's heart beat rapidly, she took the princess's hand."Listen to my plea, for I will fight for whatever lies ahead."The princess breathed deeply "What is it that you demand?""All I ask is that you give me your heart, and marry me instead."  The princess giggled "But my father demands a man.""Ha! I am at least 5 times stronger than any knight at his court!I will duel all your courtiers milady, that sounds like a plan.Not a hair atop your head will I let anyone hurt." The princess lovingly grabbed her mergirl's face."I have known you eternally, and everyday with you has been bliss.What matters is that your soul and heart are in the right place."As the sun rose higher above them, they sealed their love with a kiss. 4 days later, a ceremony was held by the sea side.Merfolk and human families merged as one.The ocean celebrated the coming of a new bride,And the castle rejoiced the new kin they had won. The lovers looked in each others eyes,As the princess dipped her legs in the water.The colors from her flesh swirled with the aqua dyes,To reveal a glittering tail, which set everyone's hearts aflutter. Their proposal had been fulfilled, then and ever since.But a question was left unanswered, that bothered mergirl all day long..."My sweet...Didn't the royal family want you to marry a prince?"The princess smiled tenderly and confessed, "Marrying you was the plan all along!"              [Authors note: For those who ask why the princess decided to join mergirl in the ocean as a mermaid herself…The princess always secretly wanted to be a mermaid…I mean, how can you not? Being a mermaid must be the coolest thing ever. I've yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to be a mermaid. -Heidi Ortiz] 


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