Restraints on Me

What a wonderful world don't you see

Where I have all these restraints on me

I am told with whom I can and cannot lye

And how I am born is how I must die


Isn't it a wonderful country you see

Where I am called a sinner if I use a Plan B

Where I let multiple men tell me what I can and cannot do

Who have never once been in a woman's shoe


Isn't it ironic to be, in the land of the free

Yet if you are different you must flea

Where you barely belong if you're a stranger

Your prescence will make people fear they're in danger


The controversial laws and regulations on man

Create divsion and less people understand

What the true meaning is of the word free

'Cause if I am free, why are there all these restraints on me

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world





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