A Depressing Look at How '16 Has Been From a Teenage Boy that is Even More Depressing

I remember at the start

Everybody prayed

Twenty sixteen please be better

They said and said and said


I remember at the start

We were all feeling the bern

But then no one went out and voted

It’s for this lost man that we yearn


Now we have the people who

Shout Bernie or Bust!

Unfortunately they drown out

Us who say Never Trump


This election is a joke

We laugh so we don’t cry

Everybody’s broke

Asking each other to buy

Lunch for them through PayPal

They haven’t eaten in some time

Everyone is struggling

While they stand idly by


Racial tensions rising
With every black man slain
Transgender tension rising
I was even denied my name

A land of hypocrites

I have seen in time

You say you don’t see color

And then you ask me mine

The idiot’s a savior

And the politician is a fool

I really really wish some people

Paid more attention in school


Now I’m denied a bathroom

Displaced in the rural south

Having to watch every single thing

To come out of my mouth

I want to go to NYC

Or maybe to L.A.

Or I could move to the Castro

Where everything is gay


I might’ve stayed in NC

But that’s something that I fear

My life to stay here stunted

Among the rednecks with their beer


No one really cares

About the working class

Students in towns that struggle

Those who pack and pack

Us who don’t have money

Whose life is somewhat hard

And those of us who honestly

Can’t see their future very far


This year has been monumental

In the amount of LGBT who’ve died

Historic murders of trans people

Bats, guns, fists, knives


Pulse has struck us deeply

The violence breaks records

We weep for the death of almost 50

Of which there’s no accord


There’s people still here starving

But of course that’s nothing new

When we think of them, most people

Hardly even feel blue


The racists and other haters

Are hardly something new

But Trump has brought them out of hiding

But that’s also nothing new


Make America Great Again

Trump says with a slimy grin

A lot of us have often wondered

When he says that, when?


And now it’s November 6

We’ve had some good times

And most bad

But here’s hoping ‘17

Won’t be quite as bad

Here’s to hoping Trump

Will swallow something bad

Here’s to hoping by ‘18

We won’t all go fucking mad

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My community
My country
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