Bleeding Color


Blood of friends lost to hate

Passion for what she can create

From the hurt of being too late

At least that wasn’t her fate



A sun rising anew

Small flowers that grew

Under the sky so blue

These beautiful moments so few



The color of life

A girl dedicated to her wife

Who was once dedicated to her knife

But is freed from her strife



Grass beneath her feet

The birds in the air tweet

Her newfound freedom something sweet

She married an athlete



A color used to describe an emotion

When she felt she was drowning in an ocean

So much commotion

Absolutely no devotion



The color of not quite

Loving to write

But drowning in the night

Eyes wide open when the clock hits midnight



Bruises are reminders

Of where you’ll never find her

But her eyes are now kinder

Because her pain refined her.



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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