No Prince Required

Mon, 07/17/2017 - 01:17 -- megganr

In a magical castle far, far away

Lived a fair princess who waited each day

To be saved from atop the very tall tower

Which was guarded by a dragon for all the day’s hours.


Princes would come and princes would go,

For the dragon would test them, and they’d score quite low.

So away with each prince after the dragon gave chase

No prince near or far could win the princess’s grace.


The princess grew weary as the suns rose and fell.

There would never be a prince who could ever excel

At the dragon’s test when it judged his princely heart,

So from the tall tower, the princess could never depart.


Then one blessed day came a hero, but no prince

Whose heart showed the love that made it easy to convince

The dragon who guarded the princess to assure

That the hero who saved her came not for her allure.


The love must be pure and the love must be true

And after it’s approval, away the dragon flew.

The princess left the castle with her hero that day.

No prince required, for these lovers were gay.


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