Once upon a time, in a far away land

Surrounded by dust and dunes made of sand

A little girl was born in a palace of white 

The girl took on the name of a flower, and she was a beautiful sight 


As the little girl grew up she didn't have many friends

Only a small baby tiger would be with her until the end

Sit up straight, be polite, be a princess, was what she was taught

However, what she wanted in her head was different by a lot


She wanted adventure, she wanted someone to be there when she falls  

Since she could not find this here, she took comfort in looking outside the palace walls

People, people not dressed in all white

People that wouldn't bow at her sight


Normal people


Thats all she ever wanted, to be normal like everyone else

But everyone she knew told her what was inside her was not to be felt

She was a princess to be married to a prince

And for years she lived that life, with no difference 


Man after man was shown to her

Her father saying “Princess he is the one” but one look and the girl would differ

This life wasn't what she wanted, not at all

So for the first time since she was young, she took comfort on life outside the palace walls


Day by day the no longer little girl sat in her special spot

Waiting and waiting for one day her attention to be caught

As days got longer and nights got shorter

She soon feared she would never escape her homes tall borders


Then one day that all changed for something new

Then one day she saw something that made her head go askew

Hair, brown and beautiful as it blew in the wind

Eyes so blue and piercing that it should be a sin


As the person walked by with a certain pep in her step

The princess started to feel something that created a hitch in her breath

But dear God was the princess scared, she thought it was the end of the world

For the person to walk by that day, was a tall and beautiful girl


What was she feeling, the confused princess thought

Why was this mysterious girl making her feel what these men could not

She lay in her bed, thoughts of her keeping her awake at night

And deep down she knew, if what she felt was wrong, she did not want to be right

The next day bright and early the princess was back to her spot

Looking and hoping to see the girl that will not soon be forgot

Sure enough when the sun was at its peak

The beautiful brunette appeared and the end of the street


Looking as perfect as ever the princess admired from afar

Watching and thinking how she found something more beautiful than a nighttime star

The girl got closer and she then heard her speak

At that moment she swore she wanted to hear her on repeat


And then out of nowhere, the girl looked up

Eye to eye the two girls were, not knowing if it were fate or luck

Then a smile and a faint wave appeared on the end of the mystery girl

The princess’s heart started to flutter, the girls teeth whiter than pearl


The princess, starstruck at the sight 

waved back and sent a smile that was happy but light

She heard a small laugh from her lips did they fall

The princess then knew, she had found a life outside her palace walls



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