Knives thrust deep within the backs of others;

Smiles that keep igorant minds at bay;

Words that break barriers and bones alike;

Deception and destruction and acts of strife.


In a world so empty of hope.

In a state of mind,

So blind,

Can I see the glass half full?


Within these dark times, I see light.

Spiraling and twirling,

Antonyms and synonyms losing meaning,

As the orb draws me near.


What a bright thing it is,

Pulling me into the oasis.

I see nothing, but everything.

I see not differences, but instead overwheming campatability.


Could it be that in this dreadful deciet,

I find my comfort?

Not in the danger or angst,

But in the light that blinds us and makes us focus,

On the true being of faith.





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Our world
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