every single human on this earth has a purpose. every person has a complex and complete thought process and emotional reservoir that is utilized on a daily basis. every person has a mother, father, some have sisters and brothers. we all have generations that came before us and those that will come after our time. 

so with that all in mind, had there not been some form of awakening as to what we are doing to each other? men and women, children and adolescents alike look at the other, and the thought process starts. red flags fly in the air when the other person has a different amount of melanin in their skin, or different clothes on their back, or different shoes on their feet. piercings and tattoos cock an eyebrow at a glance. the perception of physical, emotional, and professional strength, and salary is judged on the genitals that are possessed rather than the possession of the experience listed on a resume, or the degrees earned by a person. rather than respect, people's right to their own bodies, how they dress, and their consent to actions are flushed down the drain when the word "no" is perceived as a challenge instead of an objection. people of opposite races or the same genders are shunned, looked down upon, and even killed, when all they do is love a fellow human being.
"love is love is love is love is love"
police officers gun down innocents, framed with hate, point and shoot; civilians turn around and fire back. it's an eye for an eye, and everyone ends up blind. 

we're a blind society. we're blind to hate, and blind to love. we preach how we're color blind, but make sure we clear our eyes when someone of a different race/religion/ethnicity crosses our path. many talk about how middle eastern terrorism was world war three, but THIS is world war three. the world is crumbling. people are dying every day for being merely humans. cities, homes, towns, churches, mosques and temples are blown to rubble. racial and homophobic slurs are strewn about without a second thought to them- said as easily as one says "hello, how are you" to a close friend.
death tolls pile up, skyrocketing day in and day out. with people walking around their home cities fearing for their own lives- scared it will be taken at the hand of their fellow human being. humans aren't humans anymore. we've merely become objects. things to be tossed around, used, and thrown away. the respect a person holds for another human has been stripped away by perceptions and thoughts and fears of the others color, religion, sexuality, gender, privilege, culture...
every life has a purpose, 

therefore every single life matters.
we're reaching a breaking point. our differences make us who we as individual human beings. we have to grow and learn to love our differences with each other. without love and understanding of our fellow humans, we will never progress. our future generations will never even walk the earth.
change is inevitable and unavoidable. humanity was made on "what if's". 

what if there was peace?

This poem is about: 
Our world



You're absolutely correct! Not many people can understand what you just wrote.
I had an awakening early of last week, it was actually a satisfying feeling. Anywho, I think we can all find peace by teaching and that's starting with our children, which are the future.

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