Dear Sherice

Dear Sherice,

I know that you cry,

When you see the kids ride their bikes,

But they tell you that you can’t join them.


I know that you want to die.

I see you wondering if they’ll miss you when you’re gone.

Wondering if they’ll sing your favorite song,

When you’re 6 feet in the ground waiting for the rain to stop.


I know you’re confused.

You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why,

Why is your hair so long.

Why is your face so soft?

Why is it so wrong for you to want to play with boys?


I know you’re scared.

You’re afraid that they’ll reject you.

You’re afraid they’ll shun you,

You’re afraid you’ll end up alone forever and that no one will ever love you.


But, you don’t have to worry anymore.

You don’t know who I am,

But They love you just the same,

They respect you as you are


I want to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid,

I want to tell you that everything will be okay,

I am you today.




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