Because I love you

I let out a shaky breath

as I gaze around at the whiteness of the hospital

“This is for her”

I remind myself


Feeling the tears form in my eyes

I push open the door

peering in nervously

I can hear the beeping already


The staleness of the air stings

as I stand in the doorway

seeing your pale face on the bed

I let out a sob


I can remember when we were kids

dancing around the kitchen

laughing loudly

my mother watching us fondly


We braided each other’s hair

climbed trees

rode our bikes together

but those days are gone



“Please, you need to wake up”

I stumble over to the bed

grasping your hand tightly


“I can’t lose you”

I can feel the nurse’s pitying gaze

My head droops

“B-because I love you”



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