Sad little boy

how could you stay

sad little boy

you ran away

from the life you left behind

the lies you spoke

the harm you'e caused

the pain you've caused in knowing...


bad little boy

you've stolen their trust

bad little boy

your life lived unjust

from the addictions to the 

afflictions that they can't even comprehend

they don't know...


mad little boy


mad little boy


about their ignorance

their blindness

but how could they know...


lonely liitle boy

you walk in solitude

the street is your path down a sharp road

slit by stubborness

because you didn't know...


trapped little boy...

what have you done

scared little boy

what's next



serene little boy who rests by the bars that 

barrier the living and the dead, 

the very portal into the land of homage

the cemetary


sad little boy

cry a little

sad little boy 

die a little


now that they know

now that you know

you won't be sad 

little boy


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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