To My Girlfriend From Me

I love you because when I see you the world stops moving. 

I love you becasue even after an entire year together you still make me blush.

I love you because your dark brown eyes as as warm as fresh brownies and like those brownies, I can never get enough of them.

I love you because you love old records as much as I do.

I love you because even on my worst days when my demons are screaming at me and forcing me to pull away, you're here and you don't let me go.

I love you because you taught me that I dont have to love myslef in order to love someone else.

I love you because you dont pressure me into things like they did.

I love you becasue you are also just another girl who loves girls in a small town.

I love you because you taught me to embrace my LGBT+ self.

I love you because even though we're only seventeen we've already been to hell and back together.

I love you beacasue your're the most amazing person that I've ever met. 

     Thank you for loving me too. 

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