Once upon a time,
We were younger and we loved each other.
You loved me freely, for the world to see,
But I had fears so I loved you secretly.
But you should know that I did.
Know that even with the passing time
I love you, and my fondest memories
Will always be from when you were mine.
It was never official, never public,
But it was real.
The deepest emotion I ever felt,
I felt in my bedroom, looking in your eyes,
Studying every inch of your pale skin
And unable to find fault in you I said,
"You look like a goddess." And you did.
And you were. At least to me,
You were my queen.
And you'd never know,
Because I never told.
But I'm telling you now even though you're gone.
Even though you moved on.
I love you still, I loved you always.
And though I never said the words,
(Even when you needed them most)
I told you every day,
Told you with my eyes, because I look
At you like I'm standing at the gates of heaven.
I told you with my lips, because I kiss
Your flesh like it's my favorite dish and
I may never get the chance again.
I told you like this, in poems I breathe but
Never shared, and that was my biggest mistake.


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