In a Year

People always surprise me, you know?
We tend to complain about them, but really
There isn't much that can change us
to quite the magnitude as another person.

A year ago, depression hit me in the face like a train.
Like a really sad, mopey, self-pitying train.
I thought it was hopeless,
because it had gone, finally,
but now it was back
and I thought maybe life was just
playing some stupid trick on me.
But, no, turns out that's not how it works.
That depression went away, because
you know what? I was tired of it. Tired.
Beyond tired. And I'd had enough.
So I distracted myself with purpose,
and suddenly it was gone.

A year ago, I fell in love.
it was improbable, and impossible,
and I knew it, but I fell in love with someone
who showed me that no, not everyone is the same,
and I was naive to ever think that, anyway;
Someone who showed me that
it's okay to admit when I'm wrong,
because no one's ever right all the time;
Someone who showed me that
some people live life with blinders on,
they just don't understand,
but that all people are people
and I should treat them accordingly.

A year ago, I fell in love with history, in all its complexities.
One can't simply fall in love with history, though;
that's not what happened. What happened was,
I fell in love with humanity's ups and downs, for some reason.
I don't know what intrigued me so about
man's folly, the epic tale of how we got to now,
but it really caught me, and I'm stuck with it now,
and I wouldn't want it any other way.

A year ago, I fell in love with a girl.
I'd never done so before, and it was surprisingly
similar to falling in love with a boy—
it started out so breathtakingly, but in the end,
it really sucks, you know? To be in love
with someone who couldn't possibly
look at you the same way.
Ha, I'll be okay, though.
Just seeing her smile every day is enough,
or it'll have to be.
Besides, there are so many fish in the sea,
especially for me.

A year ago, I fell in life with hard work.
Sounds weird, huh?
You constantly hear people groaning,
because they have to go to work, and
life's just so much work, why is everything
so much work?
But work gave me a purpose.
Staying up until 2 a.m. on a school night,
pouring my nonexistant energy into work,
was surprisingly refreshing.
Because without work, I had no purpose.
Without work, what can I expect from the world?
Hard work kept me going,
and it still keeps me going,
and I hope it will always
keep me going.

In a year, I have fallen in love so much.
In a year, I have been happier than ever.
In a year, I have found purpose.
In a year, I have found changes, so many changes,
and to such large magnitudes.
It has been a year of the best changes
I've ever experienced.
I hope these changes will become normalities,
because they have given me purpose,
and where would I be without them?

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