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Here in my pocket                     hundreds of rainy day stars                          set to be wished on   Susan J.
TRAIN YOUR MIND I Wonder Why Fake People Always Think Everythang's Fake, Like Love, Faith And Desire.
These Wishes Goes To DAVIDO On His Special Birthday 🎂 Occasion.
after all you have done to hurt me  i wish you nothing but peace and the last thing you will ever get from me
If I could- I would change the world and make it kinder, more just - a world of peace... but I am not God, possess no miracles- still, I'd aim high... If only I could,
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
In a field of green with grass overgrown, Where the sun touched the earth and moon sang her tune, Sat a maiden of gold and a heart so sweet, 
When I realized I was growing up There wasn’t just one instance for me First came the responsibility For I was given plenty  
I wish I knew where I was going, jumping on trampolines and through the gardens of my thoughts.  
    I left my heart somewhere near you And I guess you haven’t sent him back yet Or maybe you just haven’t noticed him there Lying beside you   I laid him by you years ago
If poems could weep sweet dripping words that speak the heart's pounding defiant secrets once forced hushed to a peep, then let my pen stir rivers and streams,
I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
Dear Partner-To-Be, I have a wicked request. I want to see the different worlds of this universe, alone, Love myself, and come back home. If during my travels we meet, I welcome you with a simple greet.
A wishing boat floated out to sea To catch a fallen star It called out to the ocean breeze With sadness and despair Wished with all its might
Prince Ali Mighty is he Living in deception Strong? No, weak Mighty not he
A room made of darkness, Pitch black so I can't see. The haunting moan of loneliness, in the distance, it calls for me. What once was full of light and the occasional flicker of pain,
  I wish I could shut off all the voices in my head, just for a moment. I wish i could make people understand. No matter how hard I try it seems impossible.
  The night before last, when I laid down in bed A familiar dream wandered into my head.   I was an apartment, that I knew was my own.
Pathetic  never mind  wish i kept it  all inside  i don't matter  you'll soon find the world got blacker  here, have a blacklight  but i can't see: how that will help 
I wish that I can make them happy. I wish I can make it true. But I wish that I didn't have to procrastinate, but hey what can I do? I wish I wasn't so privileged. I wish they understood.
Unforgiving, Torturing Things A dream Is just A wish Your heart makes. A silent Hope that Things will Get better. Love is just a dream
I am a lost boy, From Neverland, Never growing up, And running from, Captain Hook.   Never wanna leave,  Wanna stay right here, Flying 'round the woods with, Peter Pan.  
He is the crisp air between my browsgolden rays highlightthe brown husks of his eyesthese eyelids flutter closedhis voice humbles me,like the leaves spiraling in the wind(a sound meant only for the moment).
Stars up above Upon which hang wishes Of young children Old folks And perhaps even The occasional Starstruck lover Dreams of something Even better Than what you have
Pouring down In unrelenting sheets Washing all In its path Battle-worn soldiers Pellets of water That are cold to the touch Leaving numb traces And mingling With salty tears
It hurts again This familiar pain The ache in your chest The depressing rain The gloomy sky So high above It feels cold And chilly And somehow wet And it feels like
I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars Did you know they actually twinkle? Like bright eyes winking down sharing in our lives I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars
I hope, I wish, I dream Though distant it may seem That one day I will succeed And this is my only plea.  
Once, I wished upon a star To take me to a land afar   Away from death, away from life Away from sins, and stress, and strife   I sat upon my windowsill  And watched the stars, with time to kill
Your words whisp’r allure, They beck’n my retrace. My eyes, how they wander,  Seek solely your gaze   Deep canyons before me, Owned by ripples darting quick Met by a smile wry
starlight, starbright, first one I saw tonight was really a plane.  blinking lights and then it was gone taking me away with it. I tossed all my wishes in that hollow metal thing. 
A beer bottle broken upon an empty table But my friends are alright, for that I am grateful You see every day is a battle that I fight Never resting never stopping till I lose the light
the stars glint above us, they shine with all the power of the universe poured into them. one, so full of energy bursting at the seams, shoots itself into the vast, ominous sky. i make a wish, 
Dancing in a ring of fire Hoping that your dreams aspire But the drive down the road Is one you'll make all alone All of your wishes and hopes One day you'll climb all the ropes
If I had three wishes I'd wish that there wasn't anything left to wish for I'd not wish that all the world had eyes to see      but that all that the unseen problems wouldn't have to be
I hope you remember me I hope you know that I still love you I wish that you smile, everyday I wish that you laugh, all day long Those are my hopes and wishes  I intend to keep those
You don't see mestanding there - watchingwaiting. Even with the Moon'sfull glare-longinghoping. I whisper your Nameto the quiet night - watchingwaiting.
if i turned over all the pebbleS one by onE
If I was an instrument Just currently crafted As I am    The old sounds would come from my fresh body  And startle those near   My simple, small, structure
She has a heart of gold, where ever she’s taken Walk the halls of memories for brighter days. Her smile is once-in-a lifetime, her eyes are one-in-a million
There's trick or treat at the zoo What can you get for me and you? Animals can give you sweet kisses Or sweet wishes They can make you smile For a little bit or a while Monkey's swing from trees
Every girl wants somethingBut what I want I feel I'll never getI want to wake up to the wordsI love you
I can see it now Church bells, the white dress, the humble ring You'll have a smile for the happiness to each other we bring Everyone will be happy for us There's no one else with this much trust
If it were a fairytale you would stay.
I do not wish for much But I did not wish for this
Today is a day that comes once a year
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
When life is hard, when the stress seems too much When we lose a loved one, when we need a crutch  What do we do when our worlds begin to crumble at our feet, and we feel more empty than a sea with no fish? 
I feel the whispers of a time
I wish I was a painter to immortalize your beauty  I wish
I don't know how many. 100?  More? Less? That is so many wishes. So many chances to improve the world. So fragile and unguared.
One of my old poems:  
I have so much to tell you.
  Rain is a-fallin'
Waiting For my knight in shining armor, For my superhero sister, For one true friend. Wishing For the world to fall from my shoulders, For the chance to dance again, For a single golden laugh.
Why can’t I succumb to these emotions? I see spring, but feel winter Petals dance in the stinging wind Gust of stormy winds raise me to the utmost high
  Wishes passed onto you             When life turns round             It sets a wall             So very, very tall             Separating two sides
 I am a dandelion waiting to be destroyed by wishes and dreams
Inside a mall I see a man, about as tall or taller than me.  Near the pearly marble fountain he stands, just about happy as happy can be. I asked him, "Sir what brings you here,
Staring at her past self Evaporated Dreams Waistline Increased Color Dimmed Snapshots of happiness Endless Sunny Skies Playful Fights Summertime How old was she?
Do what you can And wile you can Do what you will So you can fulfill The wishes that you have And I will stand on your behalf
Memories from childhood bounced out of a thick fog in her mind. Wishing her siblings would learn to leave her things alone. Wishing, for just one day, she could live in a quieter house.
I tend to think often about dandilions cacophonus shouts of color on distinctly green and freshly cut lawns chubby fingers uprooting sticky pipe stems  charished flower buquets at the corners of smiles
Oh, love, you cursed thing. 
    Darling I’d like to wish for some good dreams What a pleasant thing to do. Oh, Darling I’d wish for some good dreams But that’d mean leaving behind you.  
Pantoum: Orphan Wishes   1          She wished she knew who her parents were. 2          She knew only of those in the orphanage. 3          But their souls could not fill up her gap.
   I wish things could be  different. I don't want to complain. I wish we could all feel happiness, and not sorrow or pain. I wish we would all love, and live a happy life. I wish we could all laugh again, and dance in the rain.
A thousand cranes, a thousand stars Folding and writing, hoping and sighing One wish is all I want but common sense Is out the window and the smart things To wish for are not what’s tugging at my heart
I love listening to old school music, Admiring the sound of Jazz, I would love if rappers would finely use it, Making music that sweetly whispers to my soul, I wish that was the main goal,
I wished for you, oh the greatest of things. I thought it was what you most certainly needed, and that purpose I had could not be defeated. I took it upon me, not wish for some selfish deed,
Wish upon a star Dreams are a wish your heart makes Stay a child and believe in fairytales Don't let life bring you down Because one day When you're about to walk away Someone special will say no way
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If only you knew how much you mean to me, How much I still care. If only you knew that your smile makes my day complete, And your hugs leave me comforted.
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