I Still Love You

I love you.

I love the way I hurt all the time.

I love the way you make me feel like breaking down.

I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.

I love how you say you’re going to be here more, but leave.

I love when you treat me like a stranger.

I love when i call myself a stranger, you get upset with me.

I love the way it feels to be thrown around in this spiral of confusion.

I love the time i’ve given in order to become what was once happily yours.

I love the way i cry on long midnight drives alone.

I love the pain.

I love the loneliness.

I love you.

I especially love how you don’t want me to be alone.

I love how you don't want me to pull away even though it feels like we’ve already been disconnected.

I love that i don't know what you want.

I love when you’re here only when things are falling apart.

I love how inconsistent you are with being apart of my life.

I love it when after we say goodnight during our late night calls, you don’t say you love me.

I love being broken.

I love being incomplete.

I love the feeling of my insecurities growing.

I love it when my confidence takes a hit.

I love you.

I love being lost and alone.

I love being worried and worthless.

And again, I still love you.

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