That Heart of Mine

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 21:38 -- fyates



I left my heart somewhere near you

And I guess you haven’t sent him back yet

Or maybe you just haven’t noticed him there

Lying beside you


I laid him by you years ago

I left him there

Thinking he’d come search for me

Leap into my chest once more

But he likes you best

Even in neglect

You’re warmer all over

And you excite him more than I alone ever could


He's attached to you

That heart of mine

As if he longs for company

I guess he knows 

That lying by your feet

With the possibility 

of your hand in attention 

Is better than 

A thousand other hands

Less familiar

And unsure


He whimpers occasionally 

I hear him now

But the mess around you

Might be so cluttered and dense

That all you hear is rejection 


Maybe he's been covered up by it

Buried beneath the debris of your past life

Moments you tried to lose yourself in

People who fell away

Fears you kept close because 

you couldn’t quite toss them aside

Feelings, you did the same with


Maybe he finds comfort there

Amidst things that smell of you

Tainted a bit

By the stink of dismissal

But mingled in with a sweetness

That I’d never once denied


He's lonely too

That heart of mine

I'd wish you’d go and notice him

Before he shrivels up 

down by your feet

Pathetic and yet forever loyal 


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