I wished for you

I wished for you, oh the greatest of things.

I thought it was what you most certainly needed,

and that purpose I had could not be defeated.

I took it upon me,

not wish for some selfish deed,

but to wish for you. 

Squinting my eyes and biting my lip,

I had all my faith and the image of you just wouldn't slip.

The fluff flew in just one blow

and the stem was thrown down below.

My unspoken words left there so bare,

the universe could feel the stillness in the air.

The wind took all that it should,

and with one look I saw it brought along my wish for you. 

I had but a moment from when I was awake

to sprint toward the plant from which I did take.

The plant lay in shreds

with yellow pieces of threads,

hanging from its shaken core.

My faith and hope, once sewn from shatters,

was whimsical in its tatters,

only to have been beaten by blade,

and the image traumatizing and cruel, to be engraved.

One more wishing blossom was saved from the massacre,

but its petals and stem,

I could not amend.

I sat upon the grave of which you had made.

I wished for you,

and that all your wishes may come true,

but as my wishes lay there dying

you looked away from my pointless crying.

A look that had become so shallow and grave,

that I'm afraid no amount of wishing

could bring the hope that you may be saved.




"My faith and hope, once sewn from shatters, was whimsical in its tatters." - My favorite line

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